Cornwall was established in 1907 as a mining town, and sits on the southern slopes of the Nicholas Range on Tasmania’s east coast.  The town’s water supply is unique, coming from rising groundwater in an underground ventilation shaft that serviced an old coal mine that was closed in the 1960s. In addition to the mine shaft, a supplementary weir on an unnamed stream to the north of the town is used as a backup supply. The water supplied to Cornwall’s 78 TasWater customers is untreated, and as such the town has been subject to a permanent Boil Water Alert (BWA) for many years.

The solution

Cornwall’s residents require access to quality, treated drinking water year-round. To meet this need, TasWater determined to build a new water treatment plant (WTP) at the town’s John Street Service Reservoir site. The new system will involve raw (untreated) water gravitating from the mine fanshaft to the new WTP via the existing intake and gravity main. Once treated, the drinking water will be stored in a new roofed service reservoir and pumped through Cornwall’s existing water pipe system to customers. The existing John Street Service Reservoir will be taken out of service and demolished to make way for the new WTP and service reservoir.


24G_map_CornwallIf you are a Cornwall resident, don’t hesitate to go to and look at the issues and options for your community

Works Status
Project award Completed 
Detailed design phase Started September 2017
Construction completed Scheduled February 2018
TasWater commissioning and performance testing Scheduled April 2018
DHHS testing Scheduled August 2018
BWA removed Scheduled August 2018

Cornwall is a regional town in the Fingal Valley, north east of Launceston,
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