Cornwall’s water supply is unique. It comes from rising groundwater in an underground ventilation shaft which serviced an old coal mine. The mine closed in 1964.

Cornwall was established in 1907 as a mining town and sits on the southern slopes of the Nicholas Range.

In addition to the mine shaft, a supplementary weir on an unnamed stream to the north of the town is used as a backup supply. Water is piped to Cornwall’s 78 TasWater customers via a town reticulation system without treatment.

The system has been subject to a long-standing Permanent Boil Water Alert due to the public health risk associated with the variable microbiological quality of the raw water and risk from contaminants left over from operations in the long-decommissioned mine.

Cornwall is currently part of TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply Strategy, and TasWater is committed to having the Boil Water Alert lifted by August 2018.

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Cornwall is a regional town in the Fingal Valley, north east of Launceston,
and part of our 24glasses program.