TasWater currently supplies water to approximately 50 connections in Gretna, which is subject to a permanent Boil Water Alert.

In early 2015 the Central Highlands Council agreed to provide financial support to a proposed project which would see TasWater upgrade the town’s water supply, and ultimately the removal of the Boil Water Alert.

In October 2016, more than 80 per cent of property owners in the nearby communities of Bushy Park and Glenora committed to connecting to the TasWater network, and paying the associated fees and charges. The connection of these communities will now become part of the Gretna Water Supply Project.

This project will see Gretna connected to the Fenton Pipeline and the construction of a small treatment facility. Residents in these areas are expected to able to drink water out of the tap by late 2017.

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Most importantly, if you are a member of the Gretna community, don’t hesitate to go to and look at the issues and options for your community as they emerge, reflect on what you see and contribute to the discussion.

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Gretna is a regional township in the Derwent Valley,
and part of our 24glasses program.