Judbury lies approximately 11 kilometres upstream of Huonville in Tasmania’s south. It was first serviced with water in 1937 by a system which draws water from Dora Creek to the north of the town. Untreated water is piped from a small weir which currently distributes untreated water to 75 customers in Judbury.

Judbury has been on a permanent Boil Water Alert due to the raw water which is supplied without treatment. The catchment is deemed a medium risk catchment due to the possibility of contamination from native animals and pesticide runoff from nearby forestry activity. Treatment is required before customers are advised to drink the water without boiling it first.

Judbury is currently part of TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply Strategy. TasWater is committed to having the Boil Water Alert lifted by August 2018.

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Most importantly, if you are a member of the Judbury community, don’t hesitate to go to yoursay.taswater.com.au and look at the issues and options for your community as they emerge, reflect on what you see and contribute to the discussion.

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Judbury is a regional town south of Hobart and inland from Huonville,
and is part of our 24glasses program.