Rossarden is approxiimately 56 kilometres south east of Launceston. It was established in 1931 to house workers at the Aberfoyle tin and wolfram mines. A drop in metal prices saw the mines close in 1982.

Water was first supplied to the town in 1954 when the Fingal Council struck an agreement with Aberfoyle Tin Mining Company. Raw water is diverted from Aberfoyle Creek via a small open water race three kilometres to a storage facility north of the town, and water is then pumped to TasWater’s 107 customers in Rossarden.

Because the water is untreated, Rossarden has historically been under a Permanent Boil Water Alert. But after lead was detected in the supply it was upgraded to a Do Not Consume alert in December 2014.

Rossarden is currently part of TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply Strategy, and TasWater is committed to having the Do Not Consume Alert lifted by August 2018.

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Rossarden is a town in central Tasmania, located 19 km from Avoca and within sight of Ben Lomond.
Rossarden is part of our 24glasses program.