Located in the Derwent Valley approximately 87 kilometres north-west of Hobart, Wayatinah was established in 1953 to house Hydro Electric Commission workers.

The village’s water scheme was built between 1953 and 1955. The system now draws water from Hydro Tasmania’s Lake Liapootah via the Liapootah power station’s internal water system which is supplied to TasWater’s 66 customers.

Customers in Wayatinah were notified of a temporary Boil Water Alert as a result of poor water quality in December 2011.

Wayatinah is currently part of TasWater’s Regional Towns Water Supply Strategy, and TasWater is committed to having the Boil Water Alert lifted by August 2018.

As we roll out our 24glasses program, we encourage you to submit any questions you may have via the questions and comments here

Most importantly, if you are a member of the Wayatinah community, don’t hesitate to go to yoursay.taswater.com.au and look at the issues and options for your community as they emerge, reflect on what you see and contribute to the discussion.

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Wayatinah is located in the Central Highlands between Ouse and Tarraleah,
and is part of our 24glasses program.