Bronte Park

Located on the Marlborough Highway at the southern edge of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National park, Bronte Park was established to house Hydro-Electric Commission workers in the late 1940s.  Today the town is a popular base with anglers and tourists.

The original water supply system was installed by the Hydro Electric Commission when the village was constructed in the 1940s, with much of that system replaced by a private developer since the 1990s. TasWater took control of the scheme in July 2016, and the community currently includes over 60 customers who receive water sourced from Hydro Tasmania’s Bronte Canal – which is fed from Pine Tier Lagoon.  Bronte Park is currently on a permanent Boil Water Alert (BWA).

The solution

After considering multiple options, TasWater decided to build a new water treatment plant (WTP) at Bronte Park’s existing service reservoir site to provide quality, treated drinking water to residents. Raw water will be pumped from the Bronte Canal to the new WTP via the existing intake, pumping station and rising main. Once treated, the drinking water will be stored in both new and existing service reservoirs before being pumped to customers using the existing water pipe system.

Bronte Park

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Project awardCompleted 
Detailed design phaseStarted September 2017
Construction completedScheduled February 2018
TasWater commissioning and performance testingScheduled April 2018
DHHS testingScheduled August 2018
BWA removedScheduled August 2018

Bronte Park is a locality on the Marlborough Highway at the southern edge of the
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, and part of our 24glasses program.