Located 50 kilometres north of Hobart, Colebrook has approximately 86 TasWater connections. Water is sourced from Yarlington Dam which is fed by groundwater from Stainers Spring and natural runoff from rainfall in the 90 hectare catchment above the reservoir.

Stainers Spring generally dries up during the summer months, however the storage reservoir has historically been sufficient to keep customers supplied with water. Unfortunately, drier than average conditions followed by a significant rain event in September 2016 resulted in a large inflow of clay in to the Yarlington Dam. This created large amounts of sediment in the raw water supply (turbidity), leading to Colebrook being placed on a Boil Water Alert (BWA).

The solution

To overcome these challenges and ensure residents have access to quality, treated drinking water year-round, TasWater  has built a new water transfer main that connects the Campania Reservoir to a new roofed service reservoir at Smarts Hill. This water is sourced from the Bryn Estyn WTP.

The existing pipeline from the new Smarts Hill Reservoir connects to the Colebrook water reticulation network, and  a new pressure main has been constructed along Yarlington Road to supply Upper Yarlington Road residents.  TasWater will explore future options regarding the Yarlington Dam after community consultation at the project’s end. The existing chlorine dosing station has now been taken out of service.


If you are a Colebrook resident, don’t hesitate to go to and look at the issues and options for your community.

Works Status
Project awarded Completed 
Detailed design phase Completed 
Construction Completed 
TasWater commissioning and performance testing Completed 
DoH testing Completed 
BWA removed 9 July 2018

Colebrook is a regional town located approximately 50 kilometres north of Hobart, and the 18th town
delivered as part of our 24glasses program.