Conara is located in Tasmania’s north, approximately 12 kilometres south of Campbell Town. The town’s 40 TasWater customers are currently supplied with water from the South Esk River, eight kilometres away. Conara has been subject to a temporary Boil Water Alert since January 2011 due to ineffective disinfection of raw water when turbidity (cloudiness caused by excess particles) increases during flood events.


The solution

To resolve this issue and meet the community’s drinking water needs, TasWater determined that a water treatment plant (WTP) be built near the existing Milford Road Pumping Station. Once constructed, the WTP will also service the Epping Forest community via a newly constructed 11 kilometre pipeline.

The Conara WTP will be supplied with raw water pumped from the South Esk River via the existing intake, pumping station and rising main. Treated water will then be stored in the Milford Road Service Reservoir, while a re-chlorination station will be built to ensure the chlorine residual is maintained ahead of distributing the water to residents.

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Initial scopingCompleted 
Detailed design phaseOngoing
Construction completedScheduled February 2018
TasWater commissioning and performance testingScheduled April 2018
DHHS testingScheduled August 2018
BWA removedScheduled August 2018

Conara is a rural township in the Northern Midlands, located approximately 51 kilometres
south of Launceston and part of our 24glasses program.