Judbury lies approximately 11 kilometres upstream of Huonville in Tasmania’s south and draws raw water from Dora Creek to the north. In the past, untreated water from Dora Creek was piped from a small weir before being distributed to Judbury’s 75 residents. The catchment area was considered a medium risk due to the possibility of contamination from native animals and pesticide runoff from nearby forestry activity, and as a result the town was on a Boil Water Alert (BWA) for some time.

The solution

After community consultation TasWater built a pressurised pipeline from the Glen Huon Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to a new reservoir on Pine Lodge Road to provide Judbury residents with safe, quality drinking water. A re-chlorination station has also be constructed at the reservoir site to ensure the chlorine residual is maintained, and a new gravity pipeline from the reservoir connects to Judbury’s existing water pipe system. The Department of Health removed Judbury’s BWA on 1 August, 2018.



If you are a member of the Judbury community, head over to yoursay.taswater.com.au and look at the issues and options for your community as they emerge.

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Project awardCompleted 
Detailed design phaseCompleted 
Construction completedCompleted 
TasWater commissioning and performance testingCompleted 
DoH testingCompleted 
BWA removed1 August 2018

Judbury is a regional town south of Hobart, inland from Huonville,
and the 19th town completed in our 24glasses program.