Lady Barron

Lady Barron, at the south-eastern end of Flinders Island, gets its water from a shallow groundwater aquifer to the north-west of the town. The aquifer is partly filled by water runoff from pasture used for sheep and cattle grazing. Because of these factors Lady Barron was on a permanent Boil Water Alert for at least 10 years.

To remedy this, TasWater constructed a new Water Treatment Plant to supply fully treated water to all connected residents in Lady Barron.

After a period of rigorous testing, the Department of Health lifted the Boil Water Alert on the 19 July 2017, and the 145 customers and visitors to Lady Barron can now enjoy a drink of clean, safe water straight from the tap.

As we roll out our 24glasses program, we encourage you to submit any questions you may have via the comments and questions here

 Works  Status
Pipeline construction Complete
Water treatment plant (WTP) works Complete
Clear water storage works at WTP Complete
Flushing and scouring pipes Complete
New water meter installation Complete
Water quality testing Complete
Boil Water Alert lifted 19 July 2017

Lady Barron is the second largest town on Flinders Island,
and the fifth town to be delivered in our 24glasses program.