Mountain River

Based 25 minutes south of Hobart, the Mountain River community has approximately 40 properties which historically received untreated water via an ageing 4.6 kilometre pipeline from Stevenson’s Creek. This supply did not meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, and the community was consequently placed on a continuous Boil Water Alert (BWA) prior to consuming.

The solution
Following extensive consultation with the community, TasWater determined that the best option for removing the BWA and providing quality, treated drinking water was to switch the Stevenson’s Creek supply to irrigation-only status, while offering property owners compensation to install rainwater tanks and pump systems to meet their drinking water needs via TasWater’s Service Replacement Program.

As we roll out our 24glasses program, we encourage you to submit any questions you may have via the comments and questions here

 Works Status
Community consultation Completed
Service Replacement Program (tank/pump compensation)Ongoing

Mountain River is a rural township located in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart,
and the eleventh town delivered in our 24glasses program.