Pioneer is a regional town in north-east Tasmania, approximately two hours’ drive from Launceston. Historically the community’s water supply was untreated and did not meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. As such it was subject to a Boil Water Alert (BWA), which then became a Do Not Consume (DNC) Public Health Alert in November 2012 when lead was discovered in the supply.

 The solution

At the suggestion of the community, TasWater commenced a Service Replacement Program. The first of its kind in Tasmania, the program involved providing and installing rain water tanks, pumps and any additional on-property works to ensure Pioneer residents had access to a safe, alternative water supply. The program also included installing individual firefighting tanks on each property, and an irrigation supply was also retained at the request of the community.

To complement the Service Replacement Program, TasWater also developed the ‘Save Each Drop’ initiative, which provided customers with water saving household fixtures and rebates on water saving appliances.

Following overwhelming support for the program, it was successfully completed in August 2017. A submission was then made to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator (TER) to remove Pioneer from Serviced Land layer, which was subsequently approved.

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 Works Status
Community consultationCompleted
Service Replacement Program (tank/pump compensation)Completed

Pioneer is a regional town in north-east Tasmania,
and the 12th town delivered in our 24glasses program.