TasWater has constructed a new water treatment plant in Ringarooma, which forms the centrepiece of the Ringarooma Valley Water Scheme. When fully completed, the scheme will deliver fully treated, high quality water to five towns – including Ringarooma, Legerwood, Branxholm, Derby and Winnaleah.

More than 30 kilometres of new pipeline has been laid as part of the scheme, and treated water reservoirs are being installed at Ringarooma, Branxholm and Derby.

After a period of rigorous testing, the Department of Health lifted Ringarooma’s Boil Water Alert on the 26 July 2017. Now Ringarooma residents and visitors can enjoy a drink of clean, safe water straight from the tap.

As we roll out our 24glasses program, we encourage you to submit any questions you may have via the comments and questions here.

 Works Status
Pipeline constructionComplete
Water treatment plant (WTP) worksComplete
Raw water connection to WTP Complete
Treated water reservoir constructionComplete
Water quality testing Complete
Boil Water Alert lifted26 July 2017

Ringarooma is a regional town in north-eastern Tasmania, and the
sixth town to be delivered in our 24glasses program.