The Department of Health (DoH) placed Scamander on a Boil Water Alert almost 10 years ago. When TasWater was formed in 2013, it was clear there were many issues that needed addressing to bring the town’s water up to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

As much of the town relies on tourist trade for their income, it was important to ensure a new system would be able to cope with peaks in demand during the height of the tourist season.

After significant upgrades by TasWater, and a period of rigorous testing, the DoH lifted Scamander’s Boil Water Alert on 14 November 2016. Now, both residents and visitors can enjoy a glass of water that is safe to drink, straight from the tap.

As we roll out our 24glasses program, we encourage you to submit any questions you may have via the comments and questions here.

 Works Status
Water treatment plant worksComplete
Reticulation network upgradeComplete
Reservoir inlet works and new water mainComplete
Water quality testingComplete
Boil water alert lifted14 November 2016

Scamander is located on Tasmania’s east coast, and is a popular tourist destination.
Scamander was the first town delivered in our 24glasses program.