Located in the upper Derwent Valley approximately 110 kilometres north-west of Hobart, Wayatinah was established in 1953 to house Hydro-Electric Commission workers.

Built between 1953 and 1955, the current system draws water from Hydro Tasmania’s Lake Liapootah Penstock on the Nive River, and passes through a coarse filter and several disinfection processes before being distributed to approximately 66 TasWater customers. Wayatinah was subject to a Boil Water Alert (BWA) due to poor water quality for many years.

The solution

To provide quality, treated drinking water to Wayatinah’s residents, TasWater constructed a new water treatment plant (WTP) at the town’s existing pump station site. Raw water from the Liapootah Power Station Penstock gravitates to the new WTP, and the treated water is stored in a new 400 kL service reservoir connected to the town’s existing water pipe system.

A re-chlorination station has also been constructed to ensure the chlorine residual is maintained (the supply adequately disinfected), ahead of distribution to TasWater’s customers. The existing service reservoir, pumping station and chlorine station have been taken out of service now that the project is completed.


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Most importantly, if you are a member of the Wayatinah community, don’t hesitate to go to yoursay.taswater.com.au and look at the issues and options for the community.

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Project awardCompleted
Detailed design phaseCompleted
TasWater commissioning and performance testingCompleted
Department of Health (DoH) testingCompleted
BWA removed25 June 2018

Wayatinah is located in the Central Highlands between Ouse and Tarraleah,
and is the 16th town delivered in our 24glasses program.